Special machining centers

We offer solutions for the economic production of serial parts for various industries. The solutions can be developed in cooperation with our customers.

Customer benefits

  • Customized modular design / modular configuration
  • Shortest process times
  • Highest productivity
  • Special manufacturing of machining centers for your work piece

Machine examples

Model 2HVZ05 - 2 spindles (horizontal+vertical), 2 clamping tables for pendulum machining, automatic clamping device adapts to different workpieces

Model 4HBE - Rotary indexing table with 5 stations, 8 milling spindles, including automatic loading and unloading module

Model 2HBE - Machining unit with 2 mill turn units for simultaneous machining of pump housings.

Measurement of the coaxiality of the pump housing by integrated camera

Work pieces

Machining of:

  • Chain links
  • Pump housings
  • Tractor side wing frame
  • Crankshafts
  • Wheel carrier
  • Clamping elements
  • Parts for Construction machinery
  • Parts for conveying technology
  • Hydraulic Components
  • Structural components
  • Joining techniques
  • and much more