Rotary forging press

350 ton rotary forging press for forging aluminum wheel blanks with a diameter of up to 36 inches.

The warmed up aluminum billets are formed to a plate or a cup. Due to the upper spindle, which is positioned at a small angle, the forming force always only acts on a partial surface of the workpiece. Due to the smaller contact surface, the forming force required is much lower than in conventional forging.

Customer benefits with a rotary forge compared to a conventional hydraulic press

  • Results comparable to a 4,000 t hydraulic press with the 350 t RFP
  • Reduced production costs
  • Reduced tool change costs
  • Shorter tool change
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced maintenance effort

Schematic diagram - rotary forging


Nach Rotationsschmieden

Machine examples

Rotary forging press model RFP 350 for forging aluminum wheel blanks

Rotary forging press model RFP 350 in production process at the customer