Machining centers

In order to meet the requirements of the market, we develop customer-specific metal-cutting machining centers, based on our modular program in modular design, targeting production optimization.

Modular design

Based on the modular design of our machines, we adapt our products to almost any requirement. This modular system enables us to manufacture customer-specific machining centers at fair market prices. From beginning of design to the start of production at the customer's site.

Made in Germany.
Made by SSB.

Horizontale Fertigungszentren (HFZ)

Horizontal machining centers

  • Pedestal design
  • Multi spindle concepts
  • Flexible working tables
  • Short and long work pieces machining
Vertikale Portalzentren (VPZ)

Vertical machining centers

  • Portal construction
  • Multiple tables
  • Rotary indexing table
  • Pendulum machining
  • Long work pieces machining
Portalbearbeitungszentren (PBZ)

Portal machining centers

  • Portal construction
  • Large-part machining
  • Massive machining
Alu-Rad Bearbeitungszentrum (HWC)

Aluminum wheel
machining center

  • Pedestal design
  • Different variations
Spezielle Werkzeugmaschinen

Special machining centers

  • Rotary indexing machines incl. Handling
  • Multiple spindle machines
  • Robot handling systems