Machining centers

In order to satisfy market requirements, we are developing customer specific solutions from our standard program that are geared towards manufacturing optimization.

VPZ 04

  • Double column vertical machining
  • One or two worktables
  • Rotary table
  • Pendulum processing
  • Suitable for machining long parts


  • Modular machine constructions
  • Different spindle variations
  • Flexible concepts of the table
  • Suitable of machining of short or long parts


  • Double column vertical maching
  • Suitable for machining long parts with optionally two worktables

FBZ 05

  • Travelling column vertical machining
  • Stationary worktable
  • Suitable for machining long parts
  • Pendulum processing

VWC 03

  • Double column vertical machining
  • Two work spindles
  • One worktable
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